Q. Do you offer prints of your photography?

A. Yes! I offer prints of my work in various dimensions, paper types and finishes. You can contact me to earn more about my prints. You can check out what prints I have available to purchase on the Shop page.


Q. Can I use one of your photos?

A. Well, it depends. Firstly, please contact me about your interest in my work. I do not allow the use of my photography unless you obtain a license. This is explained in more detail on my Terms of Usage page. If you are reposting a photo on my Instagram account that is completely fine (thank you) I just ask that you @ mention me.


Q. What are your rates?

A. I offer portrait shoots - I’d love to work with you! Click on the connect page to get in touch. Be sure to be specific with your needs and requirements so we can best find what you are looking to achieve.


Q. Where do you shoot some of the shots you take?

A. I’d say go out and explore! One of the best ways to find the most unique shots is exploring by foot. You’ll be amazed at what you will see when you just look around.


Q. What gear do you use?

A. My gear list is posted on my highlight named Gear on my Instagram account. I am a proud Sony shooter.



A. I own thelandofdustin.com, dustinlabs.net and dustinw.com. All of these domains forward to this website.