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The Land of Dustin

This is the showcase of everything I love. My photography is the purest reflection of who I am as a human being. These shots mean something to me. You will find the majority of my work is focused on cityscapes and portraits. I am mostly exclusive to the things that I love visually. What I love never gets old - it’s a true passion and one that I will never lose. I hope my work makes you stop. Pause - take a second look. I see beauty in many things - this what I find most beautiful. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did capturing my shots.


In This City

The city is where I live, and where I’ll die. It’s where I learned photography. It’s where I fell in love with photography. There is nothing more powerful than having an infinite amount of places, subjects, moods to shoot when you are in the city. No matter the day. Whatever the weather. There is always something inspiring about the people, places, structures, buildings, rooftops, smells, sounds you can only find here. Whether Toronto or New York City, I love to look up. Architecture is what leads my heart, and ultimately my camera. The most pure, timeless form of artwork there is. There’s no place like home.



Its your mood that I love. Your face, your eyes, your style. All of you.
These are the faces I love for more than their faces.